Why Should I Hire A Doula?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’ve told your family and friends and you’re starting to outgrow your favorite pair of jeans.  The struggle is real, trust me I know. A friend asks if you have a Doula yet.  A Doula?! You wonder if this is a new contraption that help your baby sleep peacefully all night long.  Well, not really, but a Doula can help you get some extra ZZZs after your baby is born.  Let me explain.

A Labor Doula is a birth expert who will be available by text/email your entire pregnancy that can answer questions, help explain any decisions you may have to make, and someone to share your excitement and/or anxiety about your new bundle of joy.  A prenatal meeting will be scheduled so your Doula can get to know you and can learn about your birth plan.  Your Doula will accompany you to the hospital or even help you labor at home if you choose.  Whether you have an epidural, medication-free vaginal birth, or a c-section, your Doula will support you through it all.  Doulas are trained to provide physical, emotional, and educational support for their client.  Doulas do not replace your partner, but will support any amount of involvement your partner desires.  About an hour or two after birth, the Doula will leave to give you and your partner time to bond with your baby.  Your Labor Doula will schedule an hour long postpartum visit after you bring your baby home to answer any questions you may have and to check in and make sure everyone is doing well.  

A Postpartum Doula will support you and your family after you bring your tiny human home.  Postpartum Doulas can take care of your baby while you nap, eat, shower, or anything else that seems to take a backseat after becoming a mom.  We can teach you soothing techniques, do light housework, fold laundry, basically anything that you need to bring a sense of calm to the home.  Sometimes you may just need another adult to talk to, or maybe just a good night’s sleep.  Postpartum Doulas cover day or night time shifts, we are there anytime you need us.  Your postpartum doula can be there with you the first night you are home for the hospital or start 3 months down the road, there is no time limit for the postpartum period.

So if you would like extra support through your labor or postpartum period, please consider hiring a doula.  We would love to provide non-non-judgmental, unbiased support for you and your family.  Good luck and we can’t wait for you to meet your baby!

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