5 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep At Night


One of the hardest parts of new parenthood has got to be the lack of sleep.  The struggle is real.  There’s no amount of under eye concealer or drive thru runs to Starbucks that seem to help.  Your baby has his nights confused with day time, sleeping all day and up all night.  I feel you.  I feel your pain and frustration.  It will get better, I promise.  But to stop you from pulling out your hair, here’s a list of 5 ways to help your newborn sleep better at night, which in turn will help you sleep better also.  

  1. Have a bedtime routine. This can be whatever you choose, have a bath, read some books, get a little milk snack, sing some lullabies. It’s important for your baby to have some time that will remind him that bedtime is near, a time to calm him, and maybe get some good cuddles also;-)

  2. Feed. Your newborn won’t be able to sleep through the night with out a feeding because of the small size of her belly. One thing that may help is to start cluster feeding earlier in the evening. This means spacing feedings closer together. There are certain amounts of breastmilk or formula your baby should eat per 24 hours, so the more she eats during the day, hopefully the less she’ll require at night. A newborn will still require a few feedings through the night, but as your baby grows, she can take in all of her required calories during the day, as adults do.

  3. Make the room as dark as possible. I recommend getting room darkening curtains, and not leaving any night lights on in the room. Having a dark room at bedtime and at nap time is a good indicator to baby that it is time to sleep.

  4. Get a noise machine. Your baby was used to all the sounds inside of your body, such as your heart beat, and all of the sounds outside your body, such as the dog barking, brother or sister talking, the music you jam out to in the car. Noise machines really seem to soothe newborns and help them drift off into a deep sleep.

  5. Swaddle. For the love, SWADDLE. Swaddle the baby, swaddle the teddy bear, swaddle all the things. Your baby might fight it at first, but usually you can just watch as they give in and find comfort in their new little cocoon. I recommend any swaddle that works for you and your baby, but will say velcro or zipper swaddles work great for middle of the night diaper changes.

Babies are wondrous little creatures and it seems that as soon as you get into a good routine, they hit a growth spurt and everything is thrown out the window.  If your baby is having a rough night, revisit this list and see if there’s anything you’ve left off.  Good luck and sweet dreams my friends!

Sarah Quiggle