Are You Prepared?

Canva - Hurricane season incoming.jpg

So, you’re snuggling with your newborn, with pillows, burp cloths, and blankets galore.   You turn on the news to find a connection to the outside world, as we all know how isolating life with an infant can be, and you hear the dreaded words “impending hurricane.” The thought alone of being without AC makes you want to cry, but also taking care of your tiny human in the midst of a storm brings more anxiety than you expected. Do not fear, I’ll help you with the basics of what you’ll need to prepare for a natural disaster of any kind. First, STOCK UP.  You will need water and lots of it, atleast a gallon per person per day and should prepare for 2 weeks. You’ll need clean water to mix with formula and to clean bottles or breast pump parts. Diapers and wipes are a must have on your list. Even those who cloth diaper may want to consider buying disposables in case you don’t have a way to clean the diapers. You’ll need non-perishable food that is easy to prepare, for adults and babies.  Other necessary items would be:

  • Flashlights

  • Battery operated radio

  • First aid kit

  • Medications

  • Important papers (Birth Certificates, Passports, Insurance Policies)

  • Battery operated fan

  • Extra batteries

  • Extra propane tank

  • Portable phone charger

Second, it would be a good idea to wash any dirty laundry you have around the house. No one wants to run out of underwear on day 3 of no electricity. Fill up your car’s gas tank in case there is a need to evacuate.  Also, don’t forget about your fur babies.  Make sure you have enough pet food and fill up a bathtub with water for them to drink.  Pay attention to any updates about the storm and know your community’s evacuation route.  Stay safe and enjoy some extra cuddle time with your family.  Please leave a comment if you have any items to add to my list!