Back to School

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I never thought this day would come.  It feels just like yesterday that I always smelled of breastmilk, that someone was always crying (sometimes it was me), and that having a clean house was unfathomable.  The days were so long and every day was the same as the day before.  I remember waiting on the front porch one night,  while my kids played safely inside, for my husband to get home from work so I could go meet some girlfriends for dinner.  I couldn’t get out of the house quick enough, haha.  I never had a moment to myself, yes I know you know what I’m talking about.  Kids in the bathroom, kids emptying your purse on the kitchen floor, kids crawling into your bed in the middle of the night.  Your tiny ones know no boundaries!  But the day arrived when my youngest started Kindergarten.  

All three children in school and I had all the feels.

I was happy, sad, excited, and a little anxious.  I ate lunch in peace, ran errands without children, was able to work without making crazy eyes at someone while I was on the phone.  So I just wanted to tell you moms and dads that are in the thick of it, that you will get to catch your breath again.  One day an alarm will wake you, not a crying baby.  Your butt will be the only one you wipe.  You can have real and thought provoking conversations with your children.  The best is getting to know the people they are becoming.  Parenting does not get any easier, there are many other things that may keep you up at night, but that’s a whole different blog post.  You will never be the same person you were prior to welcoming your tiny army into the world, but you’ll finally have space to figure out this new person you are.